The main profile of BAZA is end-to-end installation projects for mobile telecommunication. The scope of the projects is:

    • adaptation of existing buildings,
    • Foundation works for towers,
    • Assembling and erecting of towers, masts and other constructions dedicated for antenna systems,
    • Foundation footings on piles in difficult geological conditions (cooperation with professional companies).

    Additional services in BAZA’s portfolio are:

    • room renovations (turn key)
    • area development including fencing and paved access roads
    • bricklaying, painting, roofing works
    • installation of security systems (Söll, SKC-block),
    Work performance is supervised by certified surveyors and CW engineers who ensure that project realization is in line with designers’ and investors’ expectations.


    BAZA owns digging equipment that enables her to perform the following works:

    • excavation for foundation,
    • exchange of layered soil together with compaction,
    • excavation for installations,
    • work related to profiling and land development (naturopaths, recreational areas),
    • preparation of access roads

    Additionally, BAZA can perform different preparation works and other CW – related ones, such as:

    • surveying works,
    • preparation of the area for CW works (cleaning the area off the trees, bushes, the old infrastructure; relocation of existing installations),
    • surface drainage.

    BAZA owns professionally equipped locksmith plant in which they:

    • produce steel constructions,
    • form any elements required for CW and implementation works ,
    • test the elements,
    • do trial installations before galvanizing the elements.

    BAZA’S portfolio of steel constructions includes: lattice masts, frames for steering equipment, supporting constructions for antenna systems, fences, gates, wickets, handrails, manhole ladders, steel tower anchors.

    Additionally, BAZA owns mechanical workshop in which they do a wide range of automotive services.


    BAZA does electrical installations up to 1kV.

    Service scope includes:

    • design of electrical installations,
    • end-to-end electrical installations,
    • installations of low-voltage automation devices,
    • reconstruction, modernization and repair of power supply systems,
    • measurements and maintenance of electrical installations, including granting certificates,
    • installations and maintenance of emergency power supply systems (generators),
    • installations of lightning protection systems and groundings,
    • installations of alarm systems,
    • installations of monitoring system,
    • taking care of any formal cases with energy suppliers.

    For many years BAZA has been the key partner for P4 and Polkomtel, main Polish mobile operators, in performing turn key projects for mobile telecommunication projects. Within SA and CW services BAZA performs the following services:


      • choice of site candidate,
      • conducting negotiations till lease contract sign off with the owner,
      • receipt of any formal permissions for building the site.

      Design services for CW and electrical works:

      • Preparation of SIR and M2 report,
      • Technical designs for rooftops, chimneys, towers, churches and others,
      • Building permissions including any formal decisions required by Polish authorities,
      • Preparation of environmental opinion,
      • Receipt of Permit to Use including any formal decisions.

    BAZA offers end-to-end installation and integration services of: mobile base stations (2G, 3G, LTE), PDH radio links (including LOS), power supply systems, repeater stations and antenna systems. The services are performed by our highly qualified employees certified by Ericsson, NEC, Huawei, Andrew, ZPAS, with the use of latest technology equipment. BAZA also provides measurement services of antenna and fibre optic systems, and quality of transmission. BAZA also does in-house antenna installations together with documentation preparation and test performance.


    BAZA owns testing laboratory that allows to conduct electromagnetic field measurements for 100MHz – 50GHz and current of 2-300V/m. The measurements are done in accordance with management system compliant with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The quality of the services is acknowledged by certificate AB1361 issued by Polish Centre for Accreditation (the only national accreditation body authorized to accreditation).


    BAZA’s advantages are:

    • teams that are highly qualified in installation, configuration and maintenance works,
    • broad range of professional equipment that allow to deliver maintenance service for mobile network,
    • 24h emergency call centre managing the cases on-site and remotely.

    BAZA offers high quality of working at heights services thanks to regular safety trainings for the employees and equipping them with certified mountaineering tools. The scope of services is:

    • Painting and maintenance of steel constructions (HVAC and LVAC poles, towers and chimneys),
    • Painting of chimneys,
    • Installation and maintenance of fall preventing systems (BAZA is entitled to grant Söll certificates),
    • Installation and maintenance of aviation obstruction lightning,
    • Cleaning the roofs off snow,
    • Cleaning windows and building facades,
    • Installation of anti-bird systems.

    The other services include:

    • Architecture and construction designs for small and medium commercial, warehouse and housing buildings,
    • Transport services,
    • Deinstallation services.